The ‘SharpShooter’ is the latest in airgun target system technology, created and developed by the world leaders in simulated game and clay pigeon target machinery.

The ‘SharpShooter’ is completely wireless and all the targets are radio controlled enabling them to be ‘all up / all down’ or control each target individually.

The ‘SharpShooter’ system is a versatile and adaptable simulation system that can be modified for many different disciplines and purposes even if you are a professional or just a beginner. It is designed for shooters at all levels or just some fun with friends and family.

This offers a brand new shooting experience especially for those who don’t want to use a shotgun.

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It is a modular, automatic target system designed for air weapons although we are now developing our own radio equipment to enable us to use this target system for high power rifles that are able to shoot over 1000 yards.

The wireless system can control up to 8 targets each of which retracts when hit in the ‘kill’ zone (air rifles only). If the ‘kill’ zone is missed the target remains standing.

The hits are detected electronically and the whole process is fully automated.

We use a different method for the high power rifles enabling us to use the system as simulated stalking, where the shooter has a pre agreed time to set up and take the shot or the target drops out of view simulating the target running away.

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With a set up and breakdown time of less than 5 minutes (air rifles), the ‘SharpShooter’ is ideal for mobile events in different venues, clubs or individuals with limited time.

The ‘SharpShooter’ airgun system can be easily set up and operated within minutes.

The ‘SharpShooter’ clock controller allows timing to the millisecond for first to last targets which provides an accurate and ultra – competitive flavour to any event.

The system incorporates quick change front plates that are used to protect the main target and also to reduce the aperture size for more competitive shooting. The front plates are also available in animal shapes.