laser clay shooting

Lasersport clay shooting can be enjoyed by everyone.

Participants use authentic, de-activated and modified
shotguns which fire infrared beams instead of live ammunition.

Clays are launched from a conventional trap and the scoreboard/module generates a shotgun ‘bang’ and if the clay is hit it produces the sound of breaking clay. All hits are recorded and both players and spectators can see the results on the large electronic scoreboard.

Lasersport shooting provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the thrill of clay shooting in complete safety.

Lasersport shooting is completely safe as there is no danger to participants or spectators from live guns, even young children can play. Lasersport can be played for fun or as a serious competition. Each round of shooting consists of 5 people shooting over 4 different games.

Lasersport can be played outdoors or indoors anywhere and has no age restriction.
Lasersport clay shooting is ideal for sports clubs, hotel grounds, business premises, leisure centres, car parks, shows, fetes, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or just as an anytime gift.